Imperial March…Step by step, 1,2,3,4

Father Time





**A draft(y) thought**

So I stand

Sometimes so still in





I stand to appreciate my stoicism in the face of



Lacking opportunity





There’s no reason for my success except my wits

But who doesn’t have wits?

I can depart the Earth

I can flee hither to know wonderful places

No guilt, no mourning, no remembrances of me for

Necromancers cannot have done what Redemption does for me.

A material world with material currency, flesh, body, bones of children

So sophisticated and sophisticatedly brought about but there’s no notice of

Me;  thankfully – there will be no funeral without my curse upon wombs. Silence.

To flee at the dragon’s breathe, to be burnished in its heat removes my renown to the

giggle of a name; nonsense complete.

A warning:

Escape thee to thy rest for there’s no place materially here with

Thee; an idea;

Programmed holograms in heaven’s gaze; a watch for the

Watchers;  you’ve your free will? Explain happenstance to me?

Only those who think themselves merely sentient humans beware as

Those souls with humans’ bodies know where to find a folly fair!

A fair lost in this idle game; a fair that’s splotched in bloodsport game.

A decision in abeyance; understress for others’ heirs.

A fury imprest for the chess lives that dared.

They dared as their starsuit bore lives, unknown, unsore; watched by unseen Powers with knowing sentient eyes die score.

Others knew these graces, too. Once renown, but with no parishioner who worships in sanctuaries two by two.

The Imperial March in soil by Diana, Apollo, and Zeus  once as powerful as loyal Christians huddled under arches two by two.

Then proceeds:

Hera, Poseidon, Demeter, Artemis, Aries, Artemis, Aries, Aphrodite, Hephaestus, Hermes (the greatest challenge forsooth, Ha!)

Names they bear by circumstances beyond their choice; to be recalled to Earth in mucous wombs to die free of a powerful ancient course.

A mystical Christ’s humility voice; recalled from death: old spells undone; resurrections presente.

Sons of god, men of renown: witness your sin in descendants NOT overcome by the Christ within.

By sight of eye but of not the light of eye within they be witnessed in colors and skin tones unknown and damnation presumably sensed within; their reputation former reputation forgotten and foresworn within; tormented for being reborn at the height of their descendants’ sin.

There was a war in heaven as it is written; on Earth you’re drafted at birth

If a @Pontifex cannot judge, then in which body shall old souls not be re-written to live and die forgotten upon the Earth?


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