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When your family impacts you…

My family, beginning with my mother and, more prominently, with my eldest half-sister has or have struggled with addiction to scheduled substances. How has this impacted me: my eldest half-sister robbed more than 20 banks in the late-1980s. This crime spree was fueled by her addiction to cocaine and her general impulse for criminality. In […]

Message #1 – Welcome to my Public Diary

Well, here’s my public diary. For what it’s worth, this will be my space to share my thoughts about moments lived in my life or my observations of things happening around me, whether they be in the United States, where I currently reside, or further afield in international locales, where I also have experiences. Why? […]

Imperial March…Step by step, 1,2,3,4

        **A draft(y) thought** So I stand Sometimes so still in Emotion Replies Thoughts Projections I stand to appreciate my stoicism in the face of Violence Despair Lacking opportunity Hope Sincerity Generosity Dignity There’s no reason for my success except my wits But who doesn’t have wits? I can depart the Earth […]

George Zimmerman as a GOP Political Proxy…

In my view, the acquittal verdict for George Zimmerman on Saturday,  13th July 2013 in Florida, a traditionally Republican state, only served to symbolize the riposte and revanchist response of those white Americans who usually vote Republican and hate the demographic changes that have enabled a man like Barack Obama to become president of the […]

Comorbidity: Intelligence and Social Interfaces…

**Draft** Without a doubt, the past couple of years have been immensely revelatory for me. My journeys through New York City, New Delhi, Dhaka, Chittagong, Tunis and Washington, DC have produced moments that tested my  determination to meet my present and future goals, to re-imagine and  refine them, and the confidence to stay steadfast in […]

Forthcoming: The Deaths of Hypocrisy and Accusation…

***Pre-final*** Mira Nair’s “Vanity Fair”  is not the most riveting of films, but it is moving. As I watched it my thoughts turned to how today’s Western world differs from the past world of the 1950’s and the years before it. Yes, the blather is great and frothy on the question, so maybe I offer […]

The Generous Jinn: Alan Turing

*** Pre-final ROUGH DRAFT – In progress*** Today marks the centenary of Alan Turing’s birth in Chhatapur, Orissa, India – the land of the zero. For the many who don’t know this genius, you use the result of his conjure,  thought, ideas, inspiration, innovation – his work made materially real the computer, and among other things he […]

When Stars Fell…

This is a poem. It is only a thought. There’s no meaning in real life, so don’t kid yourselves. Poem: A-knew Illumined foreseers, the chronos advent An Eastern Star, few divined its portent Magi and students of that sacred art Perceived at the eyes, an event horizon to start In that eastern train all the […]

Androgyny: An Appeal & Revocation

This is an observation of my self-appeal after years of self-revocation.  Let none be fooled. Androgyny does not appear to earn top-dollar (or any dollar) in mainstream places of employment (i.e Fortune 300; Financial firms; blue-chip corporations). That aspect of life surprises some, but it shouldn’t. How many androgynous men do you see in an office? […]