Message #1 – Welcome to my Public Diary

Well, here’s my public diary.

For what it’s worth, this will be my space to share my thoughts about moments lived in my life or my observations of things happening around me, whether they be in the United States, where I currently reside, or further afield in international locales, where I also have experiences.


It’s come to my mind that when one’s alone, without friends, the most important thing I can do is speak for myself.

When others want to disfigure or circumscribe you, the first attack is upon your voice and the veracity of your expressions of personality so that they may control the narrative or even control you.

At last, I have decided: no longer shall I believe people to be honorable, just and kind towards me.

The justification for such an judgement will be made plain, by and by.

As we all move forward, I will describe in as much detail as possible why my voice and my perspective are important.

Obversely, I will also detail, as attentively possible, why it would be silenced by those who would desire it muffled.

Being a former foster kid, someone without deep pockets, and from a family where some members have been stalked by addiction – it’s very easy for those with authority to appeal to those they deem credible to describe a person of relative powerlessness, such as myself.

However, I am well educated and I will stick up for myself; thank you very much.

Gladly, in this era of the Internet: I can express myself and erect the standard by which I should be judged, as issued from my own mind and its thoughts.

To my readers, this is an open invitation to come along as I explore the world around me as well as unpack my past so that I may be made whole, holistically healthy and you will have a different perspective upon life.

Welcome to my public diary.

Articles will be published when the mood strikes, with this being the first note off the press.

Thank you for your attention.


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