When Stars Fell…

This is a poem. It is only a thought. There’s no meaning in real life, so don’t kid yourselves.



Illumined foreseers, the chronos advent

An Eastern Star, few divined its portent

Magi and students of that sacred art

Perceived at the eyes, an event horizon to start

Three Wise Men

In that eastern train all the stars of the universe fell

Lesser the divinely royal due a traipse foretell

Retuned to life to undo their pagan spell

Wreathed in the Holy Spirit with the Good News to tell

In the realm of Cain the stars returned; fated as Abel

Who under the cudgel fell; without hospitality

The perpetrators reaped brimstone an eternity

Let us know you; come out and meet with us – to ravish your soul and spirit to destroy you.

Clepsydrae sighed an ancient pantheon

Predestined for Earth; forgiven anon


Revive our eternal city, Manticus

Renew its power again; what have you?


Loxias: a specter recouped, when stars fell

Not our power to tell


A venerable nullified one favored by Zeus

Who anguished stars’ flesh


A praetorian’s testimony gained arrows


A laurel trunk bound; target: trunk by arrows  held;

Will Love Not Come? To prove a point? An offer of Death? The denial of Romance? The Slaughter of Friendships  for a Manufactured Tale? The denial of work to show who will fail?To prove an empty point? Who could believe again when the attempt has been made, repeatedly, to fell? Who could not want to retreat to one love when all else has been willfully denied and salted to fail? Who could believe they would not be cruel to deny Romance when they did all else once? To attempt to kill innocence because of nothing? To be cruel? For the sake of cruelty? To pursue and restrict from peace? The denial of Friends, and perhaps Romance, too. Only to leave bereft for the sake of nothing, only for the pleasure of the slew. And, with only the hope to see my love, will they kill that, too?


That power known before his star fell

Rebirthed by sister; a star re-earthed under equal spell


Venerable exhorted a name once favored by Zeus


Cudgeled; cast into human soil

Risen, unharmed by ministered sister

A star felled, too


Both divine to in firmament; shine



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